Donation Doubling Opportunity to Mark Matthew’s Birthday

Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for your loyal support of the Matthew Shepard Foundation. If he were still with us, Saturday, December 1st would be Matt’s 36th birthday. It will be a day of reflection for the Shepard family and the Foundation staff. We greatly appreciate all of your support at this time, and for taking a moment in your own lives to Erase Hate in his honor.

Here is an exciting new way you can help advance our mission. Our loyal and longstanding partners at MillerCoors, who generously support our “Erase Hate” outreach and resource programs every year, have stepped forward to help us raise $36,000 for our programs in honor of Matt’s 36th birthday. For each dollar you donate in the next week, up to $18,000, your gifts will be matched to help fund our work!

If just 500 people donate $36 in the coming week, we can fully meet this challenge. Your donations help us conduct pro-diversity programs coast-to-coast and, increasingly, around the world. Judy Shepard is now in her thirteenth year of an acclaimed public speaking program, and through and other resources, we provide young people tools to help them make their schools and communities places where everyone can lead happy, productive, hate free lives.

As a small organization with an ambitious mission, we stretch donor dollars to their full potential. In 2013 we will reach more than 75 communities with in-person outreach programs, such as our “Laramie Project” support, civil-rights advocacy and hate-crimes prevention programs. Our online resources will reach many more.

Your donation of $36 or more is a vital piece of all of our work. It will support our redesign and expansion of this winter, fund our participation in bullying and hate crime training conferences, endow our annual gay-straight alliance summit, and place Erase Hate wristbands and “Laramie Project” scripts in classrooms, among other efforts.

Please make a tax-deductible gift today and have your support doubled!

Thank you from all of us at the Foundation.

All the best,

Jason Marsden
Executive Director


P.S.: We were deeply touched this week when our friends at the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus taped a unique birthday message in Matt’s memory. Countless individuals worldwide continue to hold Matt in their hearts and wish to celebrate his life and his concern for human rights. While he was taken from his friends and family and cannot share in the compassion and care that his life, and death, have elicited, the kindness and respect for one another that have spread in his memory continue to make a lasting difference. Thank you.



With your help we can continue our work to share Matthew's dream of replacing the hate in the world with understanding, compassion, and acceptance.

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