Our Staff

Jason Marsden Executive Director

Jason Marsden has served as executive director of the Matthew Shepard Foundation since July 1, 2009.

Joshua Anderson Development Director

Joshua Anderson began his fundraising work at the grassroots level, having founded both volunteer led Team Colorado of the Rockies and SQUID.

Sara Grossman Communications Manager

Sara Grossman manages the Foundation's media, communications and editorial projects.

Brennan Johnson Development Associate

Brennan Johnson manages database systems, fundraising campaigns, events coordination, and content development.

Logan Shepard Controller

Logan Shepard is Matthew Shepard's brother and a longtime Foundation staff member.

Leah Battistrada Executive & Development Associate

Leah Battistrada coordinates with volunteers, assists with general administrative duties and supports the Foundation's Annual Honors Gala in October.

Board of Directors

Judy Shepard President

Judy Shepard is the founding president of the Matthew Shepard Foundation Board of Directors.

John Sullivan Secretary

John Sullivan was a founding member of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Business Council in 1997.

Greg Miraglia Vice President

Mr. Miraglia is the National Program Coordinator for the Stop the Hate Program.

Randy Zila Treasurer

Randy Zila has served on the Matthew Shepard Foundation Board of Directors since the organization’s inception.

Shirley Potenza Assistant Treasurer

Shirley has been active with the Matthew Shepard Foundation since 2009, and brings her extensive skills and infectious personality and smile to this cause.

Doug Sanborn Assistant Secretary

Doug Sanborn has helped develop a committed partnership between MillerCoors and the LGBT community.

Charlotte Sweeney Board Member

Charlotte Sweeney is the Foundation's newest Board member and a longtime supporter of the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

Dennis Shepard Board Member Emeritus

Dennis Shepard has served on the Matthew Shepard Foundation board of directors since the organization’s inception.

Matthew Shepard FoundationStaff & Board of Directors