Thank you for your interest in hosting a house party or other personal event to benefit our work. We are grateful for your help in Replacing Hate with Acceptance, Compassion and Understanding.

House parties and other benefit events are terrific ways to engage friends and supporters in our work. They empower individuals to find their voice to create change and challenge communities to address hatred and ultimately, to appreciate diversity. House Parties also give you a chance to involve your family and friends in something you believe in. Individuals who support the Matthew Shepard Foundation are the backbone of our organization and represent our success. Click here to learn more!

We provide support and materials to people willing to host events on behalf of MSF. To get started, fill out the form below and our events staff will contact you with more information. We’d be happy to send you MSF materials (including brochures, donation envelopes, one-pagers, wristbands/erasers/luggage tags/bumper stickers) to help you further educate and excite your audience around the need and the cause.  

We also may be able to help you identify a speaker for your event from the Matthew Shepard Foundation, like an MSF board member, staff member or long-term volunteer/supporter. If you are planning a larger event and would like us to promote it to the general public, we will create events pages on Facebook and our website to help get the word out.

Brennan JohnsonHost a House Party for the Matthew Shepard Foundation