Including a charitable bequest in your will is a simple way to make a lasting gift to the Matthew Shepard Foundation. In doing so, you leave a legacy to the Foundation and your community while preserving and enjoying the assets you may need during your lifetime. You can leave a bequest by adding to an existing will or drafting a new one. A bequest can also be made by naming the Matthew Shepard Foundation as the beneficiary of your IRA, trust, or other retirement account or life insurance policy. Recommended language for inclusion in your will is provided below.

After fulfilling any other provisions, I give, devise, and bequeath ____% of the residue and remainder of my estate (or $_____ if a specific amount) to the Matthew Shepard Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization (Tax ID # 31-1640047), 301 Thelma Drive, #512, Casper, WY 82609.

Planned Giving

In addition to making a lasting impact on the Foundation, the assets distributed to the Matthew Shepard Foundation may be exempt from federal estate tax. We recommend that you consult with your tax advisor or planning professional for tax benefits/consequences, as your financial situation may be impacted by other areas of your business, investment, or estate plans.

For more information, please contact us at If you plan to or already have included the Matthew Shepard Foundation in your estate plans, please complete the donor designation form below.

Matthew Shepard Foundation Planned Giving

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