Charlotte Sweeney

Board Member

Charlotte Sweeney joined the Matthew Shepard Foundation’s Board of Directors in early 2016. In our 2015 Annual Report on ‘Why I Give to the Matthew Shepard Foundation,’ Sweeney wrote:

“There are two primary reasons that I support the Matthew Shepard Foundation: Jordan and Addison Sweeney. While growing up as a lesbian in a family of devout Catholics taught me much about building bridges, the importance of self-disclosure, and the consequences of silence, it was not until my daughters were born that I truly understood the urgency of MSF’s mission. The battles that today’s LGBT youth face each day are profound and ever-changing.

“Regardless of who my daughters eventually fall in love with, they need to be aware of what occurred in October of 1998 and understand the brutality of ignorance and hatred. But even more importantly, they ned to know that despite that brutality, there are thousands of people working to ensure that the power of love will conquer hate. I know of no other organization that is so committed to erasing hate, eradicating bullying, and working to effectuate change through love, compassion, and understanding. Whether through school outreach programs, productions of The Laramie Projector the amazing world of, the Foundation is successfully transforming the way LGBT youth are coming of age. I am truly honored to contribute my small part to help the Matthew Shepard Foundation continue this amazing mission that began in loving memory of such a wonderful young man—that is a mission I fully embrace and understand.”

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