Statement on Trump’s Transgender “Recommendations”

Absolutely unacceptable.

There is no other way to describe what took place in the White House yesterday. The President and his cabinet took immediate action in humiliating, disavowing, and quite frankly putting our transgender students in harm’s way.

As it stands, the suicide rate for transgender people is already much higher than of cis-gender people. Taking away rights from them is probably not going to make it better. This is why we have to make sure these kids have the resources they need–to feel protected and heard. The statistics aren’t on our side. 82% of transgender kids attempt suicide when they feel rejected by their families.

Imagine how they feel now? Rejected by their country. Statistics also say that the risk of suicide is higher in states without protections. This is what we do know: leaving this kind of law up to the states will do no better now than it did during segregation. This is setting our kids up for failure.

This isn’t an issue about bathrooms. This isn’t an issue about danger. This is a human decency issue and the Matthew Shepard Foundation will continue to stand up for what’s right with our supporters and coalition partners. We will do this in the fashion we have always done it: with understanding, compassion, and acceptance.

The hateful rhetoric coming out of Washington must be stopped. We hope that you take the time to explain to your networks and communities why this action is dangerous and in worst-case scenarios: deadly.

As more information unfolds, we will be sure to keep you updated. If you aren’t following us on Facebook or Twitter, please do so. Staying informed is our best tool right now.