Take the Heart/Fence Challenge!

Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope you are spreading a little love where you live today, and if not, we have a challenge for you.

Today marks the launch of our 20th anniversary education campaign, the Heart/Fence Challenge. We have teamed up with transgender activist and Point of Pride founder Aydian Dowling to help remind people about the story of Matthew Shepard and to educate youth who may not have been born when Matt was killed.

Take a look at Aydian’s video to see an example of how the challenge works. It’s simple, really:

  • Download the Heart/Fence Challenge flyer.
  • Cut the heart out.
  • Write something kind on the back of the heart, reminding people that their community is loving, accepting, and sees them.
  • Tape or tie the heart onto any nearby fence.
  • Take a photo or video for social media and then challenge friends to take the Heart/Fence Challenge and tag the photo with our 20th anniversary hashtag: #MSF20.
  • That’s it! It’s free and a wonderful way to help erase hate, show love, and spread awareness about the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

We can’t wait to see your hearts!

With love,
The Matthew Shepard Foundation

PS: If you want to spread a little extra love, you can support the Foundation’s work by making a donation today.