A Special Mother’s Day Message from Judy Shepard

Dear friends,

Today, all across the country families are celebrating Mother’s Day. For many, this is a day filled with love and laughter as we share silly stories of children’s antics and parenting adventures – a moment when we embrace the bonds between mothers and their children.

But for me, this day is always bittersweet. I love being able to spend this day with Dennis and Logan, laughing and enjoying time together as a family, but there is the constant reminder that one of my boys will never send another card, never again call during the late afternoon having forgotten that it was Mother’s Day, never sit down with us for brunch with new stories to share.

Mother’s Day without Matt is hard. But, there are still many LGBT people whose cards and phone calls aren’t welcome because their parents refuse to accept them and love them for who they are. It is absolutely heartbreaking to think about families that could be together but have allowed intolerance and hatred to tear them apart.

That’s one of the many reasons that Dennis and I, along with the board and staff of the Matthew Shepard Foundation, continue to work for a world where hate is replaced with compassion, understanding and acceptance. Whether we are travelling around the country speaking to church groups, to college students and to corporate groups or having an online chat with the bloggers at MatthewsPlace.com, the Foundation is a home for everyone who has ever felt unloved, hated or rejected.

This Mother’s Day, please consider making a gift to the Foundation in honor of the mothers in your life. Help us continue to erase hate.

With love,