I’m From Casper, Wyoming

“Your voice is your most powerful tool in erasing hate.” It’s been the Foundation’s message for years. Now a team of filmmakers criss-crossing America has made it their mission to collect as many voices as possible, documenting the incredible diversity of America’s LGBT community.

“I’m From Driftwood” is the result. The site collects true gay stories, inspired by Harvey Milk’s handmade sign in the San Francisco Gay pride March, reading “I’m From Woodmere, N.Y.”

Harvey Milk intended the sign to show how far people traveled to visit the pride parade. Site creator and editor Nathan Manske took it to also mean that LGBT people hail from every city and town, big and small, nationwide and across the world. Nathan took the site’s name from his hometown of Driftwood, Texas.

Jason-high-resFoundation Executive Director Jason Marsden sat down with Nathan and video producer Marquise Lee on the banks of Cherry Creek in Glendale, Colorado in September 2010, as the “I’m From Driftwood” team worked their way through a 50-state tour.

Marsden recalled Matthew Shepard from his days in Casper, Wyoming. You can view the video here.

For more “true stories by gay people from all over,” visit www.imfromdriftwood.com — where you can also submit your own story.