On Mark Carson

The senseless and tragic murder of New York City resident Marc Carson in Greenwich Village late on Friday is another heartbreaking reminder that despite political and social progress in recent years, LGBT people continue to be singled out for discrimination, abuse and even deadly violence.

City officials are investigating Mr. Carson’s murder as a hate crime due to eyewitness reports of his assailant using homophobic language in the moments leading up to the terrifying shooting in the heart of one of America’s most iconic gay neighborhoods.

It is especially sad that this horrific crime took place just blocks from the Stonewall Inn, one of the world’s most enduring symbols of the struggle for LGBT equality.

All of us at the Matthew Shepard Foundation share in the community’s outrage over this crime and join with all who send Mr. Carson’s family and loved ones our heartfelt condolences. We wish them strength and comfort in the days ahead.

We also wish to thank the New York City Police Department for their swift response and ongoing investigation, and for their longstanding commitment to improving public safety for not only the LGBT community but for the public as a whole.

We hope continued attention to this and other recent barbaric attacks on gay men in Manhattan yield fast results that return a sense of personal security to all New Yorkers who embody the city’s remarkable diversity.

-Judy Shepard

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