#EraseHate, Not People

MSF Supporters: We have had some really amazing wins lately. The ACA is still in place, keeping some of the most vulnerable members of our communities safe and healthy. The travel ban has been halted, ensuring our Muslim brothers and sisters are not unrightfully discriminated against. And the FBI is finally probing Trump’s associates to …

Matthew Shepard Foundation#EraseHate, Not People
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Why We Need Federal Protections for LGBT Students

In our last blog post, we talked about the dangers of giving states the power to decide whether to protect some of the most vulnerable youth in our population: transgender students. Unfortunately, leaving it up to states gives certain states the option to discriminate, rather than protect. Unfortunately, we know this is true because it’s exactly …

Matthew Shepard FoundationWhy We Need Federal Protections for LGBT Students
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Statement on Trump’s Transgender “Recommendations”

Absolutely unacceptable. There is no other way to describe what took place in the White House yesterday. The President and his cabinet took immediate action in humiliating, disavowing, and quite frankly putting our transgender students in harm’s way. As it stands, the suicide rate for transgender people is already much higher than of cis-gender people. …

Matthew Shepard FoundationStatement on Trump’s Transgender “Recommendations”
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Say NO to Discrimination

The rumors of a forthcoming anti-LGBTQ executive order are not only troubling, but downright harmful to the entire community. Here in America, we have a separation of church and state for very good reason. It is in place to protect those who differ from the “norm” and have the same basic desires of all Americans: …

Matthew Shepard FoundationSay NO to Discrimination
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A Note on Inauguration Day

Inauguration day is here. There is a lot of uncertainty as we begin a new chapter in America. The pendulum has swung once again, and it is not necessarily in our favor. But we are determined to keep working towards justice and erasing hate. While we were not prepared to be working under an unfriendly …

Matthew Shepard FoundationA Note on Inauguration Day
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What does health mean to you?

As the year wraps up, we are beginning to reflect on the past year as well as look forward to the next. We make resolutions, reach out to family, and spend time counting our blessings. Unfortunately, that is not the privilege that a lot of youth have. Some kids get kicked out of the house …

Matthew Shepard FoundationWhat does health mean to you?
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2015-2016 Annual Report

ICYMI: Here is the Matthew Shepard Foundation’s Annual Report. Inside, you will find information on where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going. Thank you to everyone for your generous donations this past year. You keep our lights on and our wheels turning. Onward!        

Matthew Shepard Foundation2015-2016 Annual Report
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MSF is Hiring: Programs & Operations Director

Programs & Operations Director Whom We’re Looking For The Matthew Shepard Foundation is looking for an experienced programs officer with solid supervisory skills to be our next Programs & Operations Director. You’ll be putting your strong passion for civil rights and social change to work for an organization that seeks to “Replace Hate with Understanding, …

Matthew Shepard FoundationMSF is Hiring: Programs & Operations Director
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Statement on the 2015 FBI Hate Crimes Report

The 2015 FBI report on hate crimes has been released. For almost the entire year, we have heard mounting anecdotal evidence that an unprecedented wave of bias-motivated harassment, intimidation and violence was engulfing America’s Muslim and other South Asian religious minorities. The hard facts revealed today are worse than we dared to fear. A two-thirds …

Matthew Shepard FoundationStatement on the 2015 FBI Hate Crimes Report
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Statement on the 2016 Election

As the election results have come in, many of us woke up this morning wondering what the voters’ decisions will mean for LGBTQ+ Americans. The hateful rhetoric used throughout this election cycle is enough to cause concern. We hear you, and we feel you. But let us remember: The last eight years have been a …

Matthew Shepard FoundationStatement on the 2016 Election
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